Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, February 5th

I rolled out of bed late in the morning and wandered into the bathroom, barefoot and bleary-eyed, to shave my mustache brush my teeth.

My hourly alarm made me realize that midday was almost upon me and I'd yet to eat breakfast.
It didn't particularly appeal to me, but I decided to eat a banana.

I had a 12:30 meeting.  As is my nature, I was prepared and ready to go well in advance and was forced to pace around the apartment like a caged tiger until it was an appropriate time to leave.  

Whilst talking about big ideas and plans for the future in said meeting, I'm afraid I lost track of time.

Back at home, I wrote some emails, crossed my fingers, and made a leap forward.

Then I brainstormed.

Did some laundry.

And drank too much caffeine.

After loudly complaining about how hungry I was for a little while, David finally took pity on me and made dinner.  He's nice like that.  He's also a terrific cook.  Without him, I would starve (re: banana breakfast incident).

After dinner, I put on some lipstick and prepared for another meeting, this one with some of the Tunbridge Wells Writers.  

Over a carafe giant mug of wine, we brainstormed ways to consolidate our social media content, collaborative projects, writing resources and events calendar into a sexy new website.  Carolyn dutifully took notes while I made sarcastic comments and rolled my eyes at Daniel and David.

There are many big changes ahead for the writers in our group.  David put together some ideas for new imagery.  Before anyone freaks out, new imagery has not yet been decided.  BUT, if you come to the next meeting (Tuesday, February 12,  8:00 PM, at The Black Pig), you're more than welcome to share your ideas and opinions about our online identity with us.

After much talk of wordpress themes, plug-ins and widgets, I said, "ENOUGH, TO TWUDDLE WE MUST GO!"  So we collected our things and headed to Sankey's to meet new friends and old.

And it was a lovely.

After much laughter and conversation, David (my David, this time) and I arrived home and decided a piece of marmite toast (my first marmite ever) was in order as I had to be up early today.  It's my first day in my new office space, so my beauty sleep was extra important.

The End.

I have much to tell you, dear reader, but I've said enough for today.  Until tomorrow, thanks for reading.  

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